5th Commandment in Pattaya

Last night a major player was assasinated in Pattaya.


The city official from a neighboring town was driving his Isuzu pick-up.

The killers a cheap bike.

Two bullets broke the window and stole the man’s life.

Two clicks of the fingers.

I heard about the murder from two off-duty cops. They murmured the urban official was involved in a lot of businesses. Their tone was laced neither with respect or fear. Both seemed happy he was gone.

“Thou shalt not kill.”

This Commandment often gets a miss in Pattaya.

As it does in the rest of the world.

The coppers or tam-lauk told me that the dead man was bigger than than their bosses. I didn’t want to hear more. Farangs aren’t supposed to know about the inner workings of Thai law and order. No matter how many years you live here, you are meant to be ignorant of the world around you.

Those that know don’t say, those that say don’t know.

I know nothing – Corporal Schultz HOGAN’S HERO’S.

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