Never Can Say Good-Bye

Sam Royalle and I mourned the closing of Don Muang Airport. The International Terminal was the scene of so many hellos and good-byes. The new Bangkok Airport doesn’t offer a third of the venues for tearful departures and joyous arrivals. Myth has it that many girls timed one boyfriend’s farewell to coincide with another’s hello. Don Muang was so romantic.

My girlfriend Sirinthep doesn’t like airports.

At least not for me and certainly not on my recent voyage.

Her last words were via SMS ie it’s over for good.

12/4 No problem. I think I can take care of everything. Good for you. You can take care yourself. You are old already. You choose good for you. I no love you anymore. You are a hurt in my heart. Good-bye my love. Broke heart.

12/5 Just want to say. You have other family. I go work in Germany. Just want to say good-bye.

Working in Germany meant hustling fat krauts and I don’t response to any of these emails.

12/5 You play your game. Goodbye. I leave your son with someone. Not easy for me, but I want to take care baby by myself. I not want stupid man. I have passport ready to go. Germany.

I wished her luck.

12/6 I have one heart. I not have heart for someone else. Only you. I not want anyone new in my life. Only work and make money for my babies. Love you big mistake. I want forever love. Why you think I have another man. I never go out. Only take care your son.

I didn’t respond, because silence is the only cure for a woman’s overactive mind.

12/6 Sorry for last time you come. I do many things bad. I feel sick inside. Then worry too much about your first wife. I worry about have good sex with you, but hurt too much inside. Think all you think about is sex. I want to steal all your heart forever. But I too much scared. Sorry again..

I asked how long she was going to Germany.

12/6 3 months for work. Wait 3 months and go again. Not sure how many times can go.

I wished her more luck. No one ca stop anyone from doing what they want to do.

12/6 I’m really sorry I not good for you. I not think about your feeling. Just think about me. You come long way. I not big girl. Only stupid. I’m so wrong. But I really love you 100%. I not go Germany. I wait for you.

12/6 All my heart. Go to sleep. Love you.

Go figure.

Somewhere there has to be a scenarist for Thai girls telling their boyfriends the ‘truth’.

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