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Pattaya is still a city of sin. Sex sells. Go-Go bars, beer bars, and short-time bars. I have frequented these establishment over the years as a customer. I’d never thought about running one of these places until Sam Royalle offered me a position as manager at his new bar THE CLINIC.

“Pays 70,000 baht a month plus commissions.”

The commissions come from the number of drinks sold plus the barfines on the girls working the go-go. Altogether the number could add up to 100,000. A lot of money until subtracting the amount of money it costs to support two families. Plus I don’t think I could handle the hours at my age.

8pm to 3am.

I could when I was in my 40s, but not now.

Even worst would be having to listen to everyone’s drivel.

The customers rambling about how they are big people back in their own countries or complaining about the bar girls.

“I’m in love with #24 and she won’t go home with me.”

The girls would be even worse.

“I not go home with him. He only want give me 1000.”

I can see it all now which i why I don’t want to do it, however in such desperate times you have to contemplate all opportunities, plus ‘pimp’ would look good on my CV.

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  1. Posted July 6, 2009 at 11:12 am | Permalink

    I would like that job. E-mail me.

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