And Now A Heat Wave

The sun rose today and burned off the morning overcast. The temperature swiftly climbed from 80 F to 93 F by midday. I thought about traveling to Rockaway Beach, but I’m still nursing the aches and pains from of a bicycle crash. Tomorrow I need to go to the Diamond District and the weather services are warning that the mercury with a thermometer will hit 98 by the afternoon.

2020 has been tough on the world.

The Covid Virus spread across the world.

The police have killed numerous innocent African Americans without any justice for the victims.

Donald Trump has instigated a race war to bolster his KKK/Nazi/Christian support and threatened to ignore his losing the November presidential election.

Thankfully the AC is defending this tenement from the sweltering heat and I am drinking a glass of ice-chilled Peach Wine.

I thought it was Rose wine.


On a scale from 0-10 this tragedy is a .585 and if I’m lucky, then that’s as bad as it will get today.


Tomorrow is a story yet to be lived as are the final six hours of today.

Sun set.

Sun rise.

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