Death Valley Hot

A heat wave smothers the continental USA and the national weathermen are predicting that the temperature in Death Valley might hit 130 tomorrow.

The manager of the Wrangler Restaurant in Furnace Creek on Tuesday closed the establishment after the ACs went on the blink, saying, “We can’t put customers through this — it’s just too hot.”

Hot, but on July 10, 1913 the thermometer hit 134 degree and this reading has stood over a century as the highest recorded on Earth.

GOP Flat Earthers dispute the present heat wave as proof of Global Warming.

“It’s summer in the desert.”

“They don’t call it Death Valley for nothing.”

“This is a dry heat.”

For me hot is hot and at 130 in the shade it feels like the sun is ironing your skin.

My advice to those Global Climate Change denialists is simple.

Drink liquids, don’t move, and stay in the shade, plus pray to your Nailed God.

I’m doing that in New York with a lovely can of ‘Gansetts.

It’s New England’s beer.

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