Banned From The World

When I was a young boy, my greatest desire was to travel the world.

In the early 1970s I hitchhiked across the USA east to west and north to south.

1978 I arrived in London during the punk era

After Viktor Malenski was murdered on West 24th Street, I escaped Reagan’s America to live in Paris, the City of Light.

The Yucatan in 1988.

France 1989

The 1990s and 2000s belonged to Asia.



And most importantly Thailand.

I have family in most countries.

Of blood and soul.

On every continent.

But now thanks to Covid I am stranded in the USA.

The EU has banned all entries from the States, as the Coruna Virus runs out of control, and I can’t blame Europe.

Only two states have decreasing infection rates.

I am trapped here.

Thankfully I had the 169 Bar Covid Strand. I have antibodies. I will donate them to the right blood center as ,long as they don’t give it to the rich.

One day I will be free and I will be happy again.


Tony’s on Wollaston Beach.

The Barnacle on Marblehead Harbor.


And most importantly Thailand with the clan.

Love to the world.

We are one.

E pluribus unum.

Especially in New York Ciity.

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