A Nascar Noose For Bubba

NASCAR properly responded to the current Black Lives Matter protests by banning the Stars and Bars Rebel Flag from display at race events, outraging their Dixie fans.

A few days later the organization’s only African-American racer walked into Talladega Superspeedway’s Garage # 4 to be informed that the yank rope to the garage door was actually a small noose. His fellow drivers should besides Bubba and walked his car to the starting line. The Alabama FBI fifteen investigators released the finding that the noose had been there since October 19, 2019 and no hate crime had been committed against Bubba Wallace, but the noose was a noose.

I have been to thousands of garages in my life and I’ve never seen a noose as a yank rope.

A noose is a noose.

Its only purpose is to hang someone and in America that usually means an African American man.

RT.com rejected my comment on the noose.

“the video shows it’s a noose. not even my cracker friends have a rope tied like that to their garage door.”

Your comment on Fake noose: FBI says NASCAR ‘hate crime’ was just pull rope on Bubba Wallace’s garage door has been rejected as it seems to contain content that is not in line with our community guidelines.

What else can you expect from a fascist KGB media brainwash?

ps Bubba Wallace finished # 14.

And this is a noose.

No matter what the FBI say.

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