Welcome Space Monkeys

THE WIRE’s third season was highlighted by Baltimore Police Major Bunny Colvin independently created a free-drug zone called Hamsterdam by the dealers and users. Downtown officials celebrated the drop in crime, until discovering the real reason for the positive reports.

The end of the War on Drugs.

Defund the police has become a rallying cry for the protests across the nation.

No more tanks.

No more helicopters.

No more money for failed drug policies.

“Who will they call for help?” ask white people and city governments.

911, however the city council of Seattle has established a no-police zone. The police deserted the precinct house and the community has established a neighborhood Free Food, Free Speech and Free of Police. Donald Trump has demanded via Tweeter the eradication of the protester-occupied ‘Zone’ and declared, “If you don’t do it, I will!”

With what army?

The Proud Boys and Militias of Idaho and Montana led by Infowar’s Alex Jones?


Not today.

But who knows where we are on this road of change?

Only the peace-loving Space Monkeys looking for a cold beer before leaving this galaxy.

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