8PM Curfew NYC

New York’s Governor Cuomo and NYC Mayor DeBlasio have declared an 8PM curfew for the city, citing widespread violence and looting without any comment on the NYPD’s aggressive attacks on protesters angered by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Any person on the street after 8PM will be arrested by the Fucking 12. I live on Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn. Housing projects stretch in every direction. The PD have patrolled these neighborhoods like the slave patrols of yore, rounding up young black men for incarceration, especially during Bloomberg’s three terms, citing drugs as a crime, but the DEA, the PDs, and the Right have lost the War on Drugs. They have to acknowledge their defeat and free the million-plus POWs.

8PM curfews will not be assessed to the white suburbs or rich enclaves of the Hamptons, Greenwich, or Westchester.

This curfew seeks to address two problems; the continuing protests and the exhaustion of the police under siege. Neither Cuomo nor DeBlasio has addressed the NYPD’s systemic abuse of power.

“I vow to stop the cycle of oppression.”

No white politician has dared to say those words without the fear of a bullet or even worse losing his voting base of Americans who have never read the thirteen letters written 1776 by Pierre Eugene du Simitiere as the national motto on the US Dollar.

E pluribus unum.

Out of many, one.

Of course the slave-owning Founding Fathers only meant that for the elite.

ps fuck H. J. Resolution 396 adoption of ‘In God We Trust’.

I hear sirens.

The 5-0.

Ever ready to serve the ruling class.

A La Bastille.

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