The Bliss of Fake Bling

Tiffany’s on 5th Avenue has a very special return policy for its jewelry.

“Go down to 47th Street to sell it.”

Many other people seek to transform jewelry into cash on the busy block between 5th And 6th Avenues. Some are in possession of estates or family heirloom. A few are thieves, but many are ex-engaged women, whose beaus have proven themselves to be frogs rather than princes, although the men were gracious enough to leave their former loves with their engagement rings, which under New York Law should be returned to the beau, since it is part of a contract to get married.

Most men are happy just to see their exs go without any further conversation and at least once a day a failed bride enters our exchange with a no longer magical diamond ring. Most are looking for fair value. We give it to them. Diamonds are a commodity.

Yesterday a 30ish blonde female executive came into the exchange. She showed a ring. The stone looked like a 2-carat. Diamonds have their own language of sparkle and this stone was dull as wax.

“How much can I get for this?” The woman asked with expectations of paying off a few bills or going shopping.

“This stone is not for me.”

“Why not?” She sounded like a lawyer.

“I don’t deal in this material.”

“My boyfriend bought it at Tiffany’s.”

“The ring is Tiffany, but the stone is a CZ.” I didn’t even need a diamond tester. It looked fugazi or fake.


“Cubic Zirconium.” Someone had to tell her the truth.

“It can’t be.”

“It is.”


“How do I know that you’re just telling me that to buy it cheap?”

“Miss, I don’t have the time to waste try to hustle you. I like to deal straight. It saves me lots of problems, but you can go check it out with another dealer or the GIA.”

“Maybe you switched the stone?” She was definitely a lawyer. They don’t trust anyone.

“Miss, I’m not a magician.” I handed back the ring.

“I want to speak with your boss.”

“No.” I shook my head. “I am the boss, so please leave before I call security.”

She left in a huff and Manny joined me at the counter.

“Good work. Next time just tell her nothing. Most people can’t stand the truth.”

And I had to agree, because Manny is 100% right at least 3% of the time.

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