The Snake Seduction of Eve

Quabbin Reservoir was created in the 1930s to provide the city and suburbs of Boston with clean water. Farms and towns were evacuated in the flood plain and the watershed has served as a park for visiting families and hikers, however in 2016 the Massachusetts Division of fisheries and Wildlife decided to set up a colony of eight venomous rattlesnakes on an uninhabited island to save the timber rattlesnakes from extinction.

Fear-ridden residents of the area called the state offices to express their paranoia about rattler infestation.

Much ado about nothing, for while two hundred timber rattlesnakes remained in the wilds of western Massachusetts, there has been no reports of a fatal biting since colonial times, except for a suspected strike on the North Quabbin Trails Association president’s collie.

Keltz was bitten on the nose, causing excessive bleeding.

No swelling.

Some people are just scared of snakes.

After all the Snake offered the apple to Eve.

The Bible tells us so.

As a devout atheist I say bring back the rattlers.

The sooner the better.

We need a new Eve.

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