From 2010 to 2011 I worked at a metal shop. We constructed objects from steel, zinc, tin, and bronze. Everything was heavy and the work was hard, but better than being broke, since my old spot on 47th Street was gone. No one was buying diamonds these days and even my old friend and boss Richie Boy was crying the blues.

“I’ve never seen business like this.”

One night I came home and went to sleep, listening to the Bruins-Rangers playoff game.

I had intended to write something, except my fingers were swollen from carrying bronze rods.

I barely made it to the 2nd period, although the loud celebration after Marchand’s OT goal woke me long enough to hear that the Bruins had beaten New York.

After that more sleep.

The next morning I was off to the shop in Greenpoint.

It had been a long week.

If only I could sleep on the job.

ps The photo is from 34 West 47th Street and my co-worker Marty was deep in a snooze.

Those were the days.

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