The Irresponsibility Of Americans

THE HILL published an opinion piece by the under-30 Libertarian writer Kristin Tate, in which she accuses the middle class and poor of living beyond their means. It is true that 70% of Americans have $1000 or less in their savings and most households live HTM or ‘Hand to Mouth’ from paycheck to paycheck, despite being fully employed or even working two jobs to make ends meet. She naively suggest that people cut their spending in order to increase their savings without any mention of the vast income gap between the very rich, who control over 90% of the wealth in the USA, and the working classes.

The government preferred to spend trillions on the Endless Wars instead of Universal Health Care, cut services to finance tax cuts to the 1%, and allow predatory banks to rob accounts with fees and extra charges to show more profits, so their executives earned more in bonuses.

Ms.Tate writes, “Recent decades have offered us relative luxury. More than 80 percent of Americans own smartphones. The same portion of households own one high definition flat screen television, while over half of households own more than one. Over 60 percent of Americans dine out at least once a week, while nearly 20 percent dine out three or more times a week.”

People work to enjoy life.

Wages have not keep pace with cost.

The writer from New Hampshire added, “We have so much to learn from those who came before us. How many of our grandparents fared the austerity of the World Wars and the Great Depression, discovering to save, mend, and repair?”


I agree that Americans spent more than they should have for the last decades, suckering into the delusion of wealth by over-consumption. Deconsumption is the only answer to Global Warming, however corporations are dedicated to wealth and their shareholders demand more and more at the expense of the working classes.

Typically for her political class of the ‘holier-than-thou’ the blame for this economic crisis falls directly on the ‘have’nots’ and this is yet another lesson of ‘living wihtin your means’ they will have to learn again.

ps Fuck you and your kind.

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