Spring Equinox 2016

Last year was a fierce winter.

Snow came early and the cold stayed late.

On several occasions I exited from the Fort Greene Observatory in my ski gear, which was good for -20 Fahrenheit.

This winter New Yorkers prepared for the worst, but we were spared the last year’s harshness.

Only one real blizzard and the three feet of snow was gone within a week.

This weekend a predicted storm only produced a light covering of snow and I celebrated the Spring Equinox by packing away my parkas, fleeces, gloves, scarves, sweaters et al.

A day later flowers blossomed in Fort Greene; magnolias and tulips.

The day was as long as the night.

The equinox or Alban Eiler in Celtic commemorates the equality between night and day and my tribe regards the ‘Light of the Earth’ with great veneration, since the feast signaled the time to sow crops with the sun high over the equator.

I honored Alban Eiler with sobriety, having drank more than my share of beer and whiskey on St. Padraic’s Day.

It’s good to be warm again.

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