Trump Unleashed

After his exoneration by a GOP majority Donald Trump has regaled his victory by pushing out the boundaries of his party’s extreme convictions. He has ousted his critics within the government and pursued the rejection of Stone’s sentence for selling out the country to the Russians and lying to the Congress. Trump even showed his true self by tweeting ‘If you attack the king, then you have to kill him.”

Trump has attacked the social benefits of SSE and Medicare.

# 45 has upped the stakes of Hitlerian politics by messaging that ICE will be supported by armed gangs in their pursuit of illegal aliens in ‘sanctuary cities’ like NYC or LA.


Pure and simple, yet 45% of American voters favor the White House resident.

“I could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it.”

Not if I was on the block.

Thankfully the old shit is old.

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