The New Ice Age

Most people in the world accept the threat of Climate Change or Global Warming. A good percentage of Americans along with the Saudis and Indonesians deny the rampant greed of Mankind has any effect on the weather. Over 13% of my countrymen consider the threat ‘hooey’ and another 40% are agnostics. Right-wing newspapers report the grow of glaciers, while scientists announced that grass is growing at the foot of Mount Everest. I am not surprised, since the fossil fuel industry has spent billions of dollars to convince these citizens that ‘we’ i.e. humans are not to blame, but today in New York the temperature is 72.

I’ve only seen snow twice without any lasting accumulation and the forecast for the next ten days predict unseasonably warm weather, however the Ice Age flourishes in my friend’s freezer. Waffles are frozen into his mini-glacier and a small pint on vodka chills on the rim.

His ice pack is a thing of beauty for someone from the north, because in the last century we had snow and lots of it.

Falmouth Foresides, Maine 1958

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