Trump Tantrum – Go Fuck Yourself

Throughout his presidency Donald Trump has communicate with friend and foe through twitter.

He has set thousands of terribly short tweaks.

I’ve not read one.

Then again I’ve never read anything from a Tweating Twitter.

Ok-Boomer yeah.

Anyway Old Donald emailed a tortuous six-page letter to Congressional Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi accusing the opposition party of of declaring “open war on American democracy.”

Old Chicken Neck Mitch McConnell joined Trump in attacking the Democrats by stating, “From everything we can tell, House Democrats’ slapdash impeachment inquiry has failed to come anywhere near – anywhere near – the bar for impeaching a duly elected president, let alone removing him for the first time in American history.”

Trump’s fiercely loyal backers are ready for civil war.

That rebellion to support slavery and racism really went well last time, but while I ask myself how did an illiterate man write a six-page letter, I do have a good response.

It is really short too.

Three words.


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