Remember Our Gone

Remember Our Gone

December 1 is AIDS Awareness Day.

We remember those gone and more importantly recommit our souls to the continued fight against the deadly disease which thinned our ranks since 1978. Gone are our family and friends like my younger brother Michael Charles Smith and my cousin Sandy Smith. The world is a much smaller planet without them and my friends.

Philip Brook, Tasmanian reporter and filmmaker.

Haoui Montauk, poet/doorman/impressario

Marc Stevens Mr. 10 1/2/porn star. Photo by Robert Mapplethorpe

Steve Brown filmmaker

William Lively ballet dancer/theater designer

Klaus Nomi castradi singer

Rock Hudson movie star

And so many others.

36 million so far.

Last year over a million people died from the lethal virus.

The first person who I knew to die of it was James Spicer.

The winter of 1978.

Almost forty years ago.

Corinne in Paris 1984.

Bad blood transfusion.

And how can I forget Andy Reese dancer/actor.

He left me his elephant foot.

Or Philippe Krootchey Paris singer

We were all such good friends.

And still are.

The fight is not over.

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