Thanksgiving 1978 From My Journal

Thanksgiving 1978 was spent at our Easts Village apartment; Ann, Kim, Bobbie, Andy Reese, and Grant. I ended up dropping LSD with Bill Yusk. The first hit was weak and I dropped another tab.

Still nothing and I drank wine with Ann and Kim.

Two hours later I was drunk and the LSD hit hard.

Cooking the turkey was very spacey and the bird spoke to me several times. Bill laughed and Ann asked, “What’s so funny?”

“A talking turkey.”

“A talking turkey, a talking turkey, a talking turkey.”

I saw everything in triplicate.

Ann wasn’t even high and ordered Bill and me to get more wine.

We left laughing and wandered to the Bowery with the street reflecting a shimmering glow.

We passed two women sitting on te curb.


Both were dressed in black and both were gnawing turkey legs.

Bill and I laughed at them, then the short one called my name.

I didn’t know the big one, but the small dyke was Gilly, a waitress.

Their wild eyes emanated yellow.

It was an LS Thanksgiving for them too.

“You want turkey?”

“Talking turkey.”

Bill lost it and I tried to get him away, but he anted to gnaw on turkey bones and I returned to 256 East Street. Everyone was gone, except for Kim and Ann, who asked, “Are you okay?”

“I have wine and I have you two.”

Kim shook her head and said, “I hate hippies.”

“You hate me?” I asked Ann.

“Not you. Only hippies. Where’s Bill?”

“He’s gnawing a turkey bone on the Bowery with two dykes.”

“Well, Happy Thanksgiving to them all.”

“And us too.”

The trip last into the evening and I lay on the couch , as Ann and Kim watched a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers movie.

It was very funny.

Especially how Ginger danced backwards.

“Talking turkey.”

Acid came onto the scene in the 1960s. I was too young for it then, plus I was only into pharmaceuticals, dexies and ‘ludes.

In 1971 I hitchhiked up to Montreal to visit friends from New Zealand. I bought a horse choker capsule from a midget.

“Is it any good?”

Tres bonne.”

I split it with Brian Alwinkle and his girlfriend, Chris Bilkensapp.

It was very strong and the universe vanished into a webbed mystery.

Forever indeed.

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