Flat Earthers Beware

The world is not flat, but scholars of pseudo-cosmography cling to the belief in a 2D Earth like Seven-Day Adventists’ hope for the 2nd Coming of their Messiah.

As early as 150BC Greeks divined the world was round through mathematics.

Western historians claim that ancient societies espoused flat-worldism, however the center of the cult was Kabbalishers in Europe, where the skies were too dark to witness the rotation of the planet.

Tibet and Egypt revered astrologers, however truth-seekers were burned at the stake in Europe.

Galileo Galilei suffered a life sentence of house arrest under the pedo-Vatican. Math was scorned. Telescopes were considered sacrilege. Knowledge was taboo. In death his desiccated middle finger promotes his regard on the Holy Roman Church’s understanding on the universe.

Everyone gets an A in Calculus.

As long as they love God.

Personally I would rather hang with tramp Barbies than extoll the existence of a flat earth.

I have flown in Space over the northern pole

I have seen the the curvature of the earth.

I’ve circumnavigated the planet ten times.

The world is not flat, but it seems that way when you hit the surface.

Unless it’s in the snow.

Snow is soft to a fallen man.

Even in a round world society.

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