Top 10 White Trash USA Towns listed the top white trash towns in the USA.

I haven’t lived in any of them, although I’ve been to several.

Fall River, Mass. is only forty miles from the South Shore.

A methopolis leading the Bay State in assaults, welfare claims, and crime.

It wasn’t that bad in the 1960s, but Fall River is only # 2.

1. )Portsmouth, Ohio is another meth ghetto.

2. )Fall River, Massachusetts has winter on its side.

3.)Sedalia, Missouri has the Ozarks Fair for crackers and grits.

4.) Pensacola, Florida girls sport house arrest anklets.

And meth beach brawls.

5.) Morristown, Tennessee, where meth RVs are fun.

6.) Elkhart, Indiana likes meth RVs too.

7.) Asheboro, North Carolina, where meth tow trucks rule.

8.) Rockford, Illinois – I’ve been there.

The town center was a ghost town.

9.) Canton, Ohio – nothing says white trash better than the flag of the slave states.

10.) Jackson, Michigan loves Kid Rock, but truthfully white trash is just another downtrodden minority taught to be ignorant by the neglect of the ruling class.

There are good people everywhere.

Even in white trash ghettos.

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