Chain Of Command

Donald Trump’s desire to be with beautiful women is neither a sin nor a crime.

His ties to Jeffery Weinstein, the dead pedophile kingpin, have not tarnished support amongst his MAGA followers, who wish they were like # 45.

Rich, powerful, and his hands on young flesh.

Trump knows the best way to cover his tracks is to bury any evidence with a dead man, but no one can kill skeletons in the closet.

Donald hung with Harvey Weinstein, the sexual predator.

So did Bill Clinton.

Hillary can claim a ‘me too’ as well.

The rich and famous believe they can get away with rape and murder.

They know things about each other.

They have money.

None of that saved Jeffrey Weinstein in prison, because those that know are best left knowing when they are dead.

Same goes for Harvey Weinstein.

And then there is # 45.

Littlus Dickus.

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