Rev 6000 RPM To The Finish

The Vortex Sculptor/Biker posted this long-forgotten moment.

Peter N Smith, battling a massive hangover, on his way to a podium finish. Turn 6, Laguna Seca, Open Production Class 1978, on the Racecrafters Kawasaki borrowed from Dave Aldana. An awesome performance.

He arrived late to the track, stole a set of leathers from somebody named Ron, jumped on the bike with no helmet, and got into the race a half a lap behind. And here he is, leading Fast Freddie Spencer. Just unbelievable. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

Dougal Muir of British Columbia recalled the race.

Unfortunate that he had his knee down a little too much on the last corner, the bike got away from him …but even in the slide he managed to maintain control and win the race by a finger of whiskey – which was was incidentally what he was carrying in his left hand all the way round the track!

Afterwards I celebrated my win in 70s fashion; a bunch of beer, a blonde, and a bag of blow.

Get your motor running, motherfuckers.

I’m ready to ride.

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