Peter Beard in Paradise

In 2008 Peter Beard defied the death.

Not only had the famed photographer survived a goring by the tusk of an African elephant, but even the ravages of his own excess.

Bravo for a new life in St. Tropez.

Here’s an elephant attack joke:

This tourist returns from Africa and calls his doctor.

“I was raped by an elephant.”

“Raped by an elephant?” The doctor is alarmed having once seen an aroused bull elephant at the circus. “I want you to come in right away.”

An hour later the man walks into the clinic. Each step misery. Once inside his office the doctor tells the patient to pull down his pants and is astounded by the size of the man’s distended anus.

“I know elephants have big penises, but this is huge.”

“Well,” The tourist lowers his head. “The elephant first fingered me.”

photo by randy koral 2010

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