Big Foot Gorilla Suit

At the Damned’s 1978 show at Hurrah Captain Sensible of the Damned wore a gorilla suit on stage. No head. No gloves. Hard playing guitar with either of them. He sweated so much that he nearly passed out from hypothermia. After the show I escorted the band to the dressing room and asked the guitarist if he wanted something to drink.

“A bottle of vodka. Shaken not stirred.”

The other bandmembers joined the gorilla-suited guitarist with individual bottles, which they downed in one go, guzzling vodka which overflowed down their bodies before taking the stage for an encore of NEW ROSE.

I respected gorilla suits after that performance.

Not so for all Americans as a Bigfoot researchers revealed that the supposed Bigfoot corpse presented to the International Bigfoot Symposium by two Georgia policeman has turned out to be a gorilla suit stuffed with frozen possum meat.

Is nothing sacred in America?

The police officers’ chief understand the gravity of the hoax and has started the necessary paperwork to fire the peace officers.

“Once he perpetrated a fraud, that goes into his credibility and integrity. He violated the duty of a police officer.”

“We are all Georgians.”

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