Le Beaute de la the Haute Savoie

Le Beaute de la Haute Savoie

The northern wind hummed against the hotel room’s windows.
The blonde actress stripped off her clothes and lay naked on double bed.
The pillow embraced her face.
Downstairs in the hotel bar the film crew celebrated the film’s wrap.
Wine wine and more wine.
The English loved their drink and loved the cold.
Belgrade gave them all the cold they could handle.
Not the actress. She was thin. A pale beauty from Quebec.
The douvet provided warmth.
To her skin.
To her flesh, but not her spine.
It was winter in Yugoslavia.
Tomorrow she was flying back to Paris.
Her home, but in two days she was traveling across the Atlantic to Montreal.
More cold weather with her family.
She shut off the lights.
Her next role was that of Marie Therese Louise de Savoie-Carignan.
‘s best friend.
The Princess of Lamballe could have walked from the doomed queen, but honor required honor.
The mob screamed, “Off with her heads.”
Marie Therese Louise de Savoie-Carignan’s head ended up on a spike.
Her skull danced before the doomed queen’s windows.
An English movie star was casted as Marie Antoinette for the French TV Series.
She possessed lovely hair.
The blonde actress shivered in her bed.
The twin spires of Vlaska glowed outside the window.
Another place in her life.
Montreal, Paris, LA, Hong Kong, Berlin, New York, and the North Pole.
Why couldn’t she be in the Sahara once?
But in truth she had no worries.
She was a working actress and actresses liked work.
Especially in 1989.

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