Songkran Driving

Nothing says Songkran better in Thailand than getting into an accident with a drunk, as revealed in this series of email dated from 2006.

EMAIL from the Old Roue April 4 after I invited him to join me on a trip to Phnom Penh to escape the Songkran madness.

His reply.

No thanx, I’m driving 2 Nana Plaza dancers to Isaan for Songkran. At least something will get wet.

Be careful in P-P. Ask permission before you soak one of those little motherfuckers. They’ve got no sense of humor and a shiv taped to the leg. Bad combo.

April 27

I drove up to Isaan for Songkran with a girl from nana, taking coals to Newcastle, and got in a serious accident in Ubon Ratchatani. 2 guys on a motorbike slammed into the side of me and went sailing over the hood, breaking one guy’s leg and launching a fucking gothic round of events – police station, hospital, insurance guys, police station, hospital, insurance guys, for days. I got off easy. My insurance paid for my smashed car, his paid for his medical and bike and I have to go back up there in about a week to sign the final police report and hand over 10,000 baht as a farangly gesture, not admitting fault, but so that the family won’t come after me ever again. I hope. That’s how it’s
done up there, when done right. The cops were great and my Thai-fluent buddy and his Thai wife waltzed me thru it over the phone with excellent advice and face grease.

MAY 12

Going up to Isaan with Bangkok lawyer. have to settle this in court. 20k for the loss of wages. I was a little wrong in that I was making a u-turn on a 6-lane road. Thought the driver would see me. Police are not being nice. everything should be okay.

In the end the Old Roue paid out 40,000 for the incident without any penalty points of his license.

Mostly since he didn’t have a valid international driving permit.

You have to love Thailand.

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