The Irish Are Coming

I extended invitations to a drinking Craic around the Village for St. Patrick’s Day. My good friend JW, skateboarder/urbanologist, begged off joining us with the following words.

“I’m back. Happy St. Patrick’s day

I think I might beg off tonight, But thanks for the invitation. I’m honored

But I want to hibernate a bit and stay away from the sauce

Too much sauce in Tucson!

Mys response was swift.

Hibernating during the high holy holiday of hibernian inebreation is heresy

Irish: Go dtachta na péisteoga do thóin bheagmhaitheasach.

English: May the worms choke your worthless butt.

I understand JW since Tuesday evening I did a practice run in the East Village

A coma yesterday

Today beer-hungry.

Drinking with two comrades-in-arms

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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