Two Weeks And Counting

The US Federal Government shut down has entered its third week. Parks and Federal offices have been closed, over 380,000 federal employees have been furloughed and more than 420,000, such as the TSA and the Coast Guard are working without pay because Congress and the White House have not funded their agencies due to Trump’s desire to have his Wall with Mexico.

During the 2016 presidential campaign Trump vowed to have the Mexicans erect a wall on the southern border to prevent the flood of illegal aliens from Latin America. #45 has yet to meet with Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the leftist president on Mexico, however Vicente Fox, the ofrmer leader said for Trump to go fuck himself, if he thought Mexico was contributing a peso to the Wall.

Trump then said the USA would construct the Wall with American dollars.

$55 billion, which was the exact amount Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld claimed to be the cost of the Iraq War.

They were off by $1.5 trillion.

ps the foto is humvee Staff Sgt. Michael F. Barrett, military policeman, Marine Wing Support Squadron 373, was riding when it was struck by an improvised explosive device attack in Iraq 29 September 2004. Barrett was severely injured in the attack and is still recovering from his wounds.

Frustrated by the 24-hour surveillance Trump declared a government lockout right before Christmas.

No bonus for the Federal employees.

No lit Christmas tree.

Trump flew to Iraq for the first time to visit with troops fighting the endless war.

The soldiers appeared genuinely happy to see him.

One even said, “You’re the reason I joined the Army.”

Making America Great Again.

What about Melania’s desert boots.

They are bigger than Donald’s. Small boots means small hands and small sox and some other things, but back to the shutdown.

Donald had invited people over for Christmas.

He ordered pizza.

No one came.

Alone and steaming.

He tweeted that the shutdown was just starting.

“It could go on for months or years.”

Mean old Donald.

He really wants that Wall.

I see two in Tijuana.

One in Algodones Dunes, California.

But Trump wants something even more elegant and then the lockdown will be over.

He ain’t getting shit.

Not with the Democrats controlling the money in Congress.

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