The Reign Of A Nationalist

Last spring my friend was driving me across Dutchess County to catch the train in Dover Plains. The road passed through rural community surrounded by billionaires’ estates. We passed through an abandoned village and the last house flew a Rebel flag in the front yard. I told my friend to stop.


“Because I’m going to cut down that traitor flag. My people left Maine to fight against the slavers and I can’t believe this bastard KKK piece of shit is flying it in the North.”

Every small town has a statue of a Federal soldier facing south. They died in the hundreds of thousands to free the slaves. This flag was an insult to their sacrifice. My family marched through the South too. We burned Dixie to the stumps> we shouldn’t have been so lenient, but a long war killed the killing in the blood.

“He probably has a gun,” warned my friend.

“I don’t give a shit.” I had a serious box-cutter in my pocket. It worked for the hijackers of 9/11

“I live up here.” My friend stepped on my gas and I made the train at Dover Plains.

Up here was white.

In 1949 concertgoers leaving an open-air show by Paul Robeson, Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie were attacked by an anti-Communist, anti-Semitic and anti-black crowd and local police stood to the side.

The KKK were strong in American politics. Presidents Wilson, Harding, and Truman were members of the racist organization which believed in lynching, killing, and suppressing blacks.

Now we have a president endorsed by the KKK and declared the other day that he is a ‘nationalist’.

As a race traitor I can only interpret his statement one way.

#45 is KKK

Like father.

Like son.
ps the following photo is a fake.

But if you walk like a duck and talk like a duck then you are a fascist.

We are family.

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