Miss Khmer Rouge

The Khmer Rouge sought to reincarnate the pureness of Cambodian society by wiping the slate clean in Year Zero and after the Fall of Phnom Phem the new regime exiled the country’s urban population to rural re-education camps in the rice fields and jungles.

The cadre shut schools, hospitals and factories throughout Kampuchea. Buddhas were cast into the gutter and monks were executed by the thousands. Money was banished from daily life. Private property was deemed evil and Khmer Krahom considered drinking alcohol, gambling, and playing crimes deserving execution. If this severe puritanism sounds familiar, it is because the Taliban have followed a similar path in the parts of Afghanistan under their control.

Of course the Khmer Rouge were slightly more progressive with women than their Islamic counterparts.

Women were allowed one black outfit instead of a chador and veil. Hair was cut short. Make-up and jewelry were signs of foreign influence. Death was the punishment for any infraction.

And America can expect the same should the Baptists have their way.

Vote out the GOP this November.

Hell, yes. Heaven no.

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