Doctor Addiction

New England is plagued by an opiod epidemic.

Pharma marketed oxycontins to pain sufferers by the millions. Tens of thousands of young people ODed in the past decade.

Not a single police officer in the USA has raided the Pharma HQ as a drug cartel.

Big Pharma made billions and paid nothing for the dead bodies.

Doctors fell first.

Millions followed their lead.

It was all legal.

And then it was all about Heroin.

I have spoken with police in the North.

They have never seen anything like this.

“Do you believe in legalizing pot?” I asked a sergeant in Springfield.


“And taxing it.”

“No taxation for ten years to pay for the sings of the Drug Law.”

“Do you believe in greenlighting blow?” I asked an officer in East New York.


“What about heroin?”

Everyone in the police said no to smack.

I say yes.

It’s time to end the War on Drugs.

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