The CannonBall Club

Luis Bunuel, the surrealistic director, loved drinking. His favorite tipping time was in the late afternoon. The sunlight dabbling through the trees to bathe the oak-lined walls with an eternal gold. He was a true connoisseur of martinis.

“A dry Martini is composed of gin and a few drops of Noilly Prat. Connoisseurs who like their Martinis very dry suggest simply allowing a ray of sunlight to shine through a bottle of Noilly Prat before it hits the bottle of gin.”

The Spanish director also wanted to start a bar with Salvador Dali. The Cannon Club. Every time a patron spent an exorbitant amount of money, the bartender would fire off a report from a small cannon on the roof to annoy the neighbors who would be asleep in their beds.

My friend Alan Von wanted to use Bunuel’s idea for a Paris nightclub. Our proposal centered on the cannon. No other concept. We never found the funding.

Cannons are not popular, except with Civil War enthusiasts and this summer a Pennsylvania man yanked on the lanyard of his cannon, sending a cannonball 1000 yards to strike a distant house. No one was hurt, but the man was asked by the police to refrain from shooting live rounds with his cannon.

That’s the great thing about America.

There is no limit to the size of a gun a citizen is allowed to possess.

As long as you don’t drink alcohol at the same time.

Senor Bunuel would have been disappointed by this ruling, but you can’t have everything.

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