Showing Your Humanity

During my treks through Tibet and Nepal I encountered herders on the trails. Each time they stuck out their tongue. My Sherpa guide explained that this custom proved that they were not a reincarnation of an evil spirit and human.

This greeting was repeated with regularity and I pondered how many evil reincarnations wandered the high country seeking hapless souls.

Even Albert Einstein picked up the practice to show he was a normal person.

Politicians generally don’t stick out their tongues. They look ridiculous and voters don’t want their leaders to look ridiculous like Pierre Trudeau.

Or John McCain.

Politicians prefer babies, although they act the way they want to act on cue.

Shaking hands has worked for many pols.

Although nothing reveals humanity more than eating food like Jimmy Carter jawing on ribs with his brother Billy.

Or George W Bush gnawing on a corn cob.

And Barack Obama scarfing a hot dog.

Ronald Reagan chomping on pizza.

And what about Gerald Ford.

A true man of the people.

Not everyone is so human.

George Bush # 1 had jaws.

Hillary Clinton had a small mouth.

And Donald Trump just wants something in his mouth so bad.

Of course me I love fried clams from Tony’s on Wollaston Beach.

Like Putin I like my beer.

Guess the KGB boss is more human than I thought.

But I still would want him to prove it by sticking out his tongue.

His heading a soccer ball doesn’t count.

Then again neither does Trump sticking out his tongue, because evil can be tricky, especially from a man who lies about his baldness.

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