Most 7/11s in Thailand have a coin-operated scale outside the store. My weight differs at each one and my friend Jamie Parker has theorized that the fluctuations are due to slight difference in the intensity of the gravitational pull along the surface of the earth.

No clock seems to be running on the same time and Jamie furthered his theory by saying that time varied from place to place allowing you to time-travel simply by crossing the street.

In 2008 the Thai Ministry of Metrology ordered the entire Thai nation to function under TST Thai Standard Time, which is seven hours ahead of GMT, and all clocks would legally have to maintain the new TST. This temporal ruling wasapplied to all businesses servicing their public via computer.

The new TST was aimed at cyber-criminals such as porno surfers and under-age internet game players. Names and IDs would have to be presented at all internet cafes from now on. Failure would result in fines ranging from 100,000-200,000 baht

No one in charge could explain the origins of a rumor that the clock would be 30 minutes different from the present time.

Instructions for installing the official time on computers are posted on the Hydrographic Department’s website at http://www.navy.mi.th/hydro/time

Everyone set your clocks right and nothing happened to anyone.

Just the same tick-tock as ever.

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