Thai School Uniforms

Memory is in details and I can remember exactly what I was wearing the day JFK was murdered in Dallas. A white shirt, sky-blue tie, navy-blue trousers, a black belt, and black shoes. Every boy in my class wore the same outfit. In fact the uniform was mandatory for each male attending Our Lady of the Foothills. No deviations were allowed by the nuns and that edict was issued to the girls in their powder-blue pleated skirts, dazzling white shirt, and dull black shoes. Mother Superior had banned shoe polish in fear that boys would gaze at the shoes’ high gloss reflection to discover the hidden treasure up a girl’s skirts. Our imaginations were stronger than her mandate and to this day the sight of a Catholic school girl uniform transports me across time to 1964, unfortunately school uniforms are uncommon in the USA, however the tradition remains strong in Asia.

Every nation has their specialty, however most males would agree that Thailand dominates the schoolgirl uniform race and in 2011 the Japanese Press declared that the Thai university uniforms of a short-sleeve white blouse and short black skirt was the world’s sexiest student uniform.

Thailand for all its brothels and sex tourism was a very puritian country and the local media and politicians expressed their outrage about this dubious honor with the deputy education minister going as far as announcing a pogrom against sexiness in school.

Chok dee, you fool, for the girls in Thai universities are a cultural treasure admired by men all across the world, especially anyone from the USA, for many coeds are so fat that they would look better in a chador.

Long live the Thai schoolgirl uniform.

Another Wonder of the Modern World under threat from the Thailiban.

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