Drinking Yourself To Death

Every week the Pattaya Media highlights another farang leaving this mortal coil from suicide. Favorite methods of self-demise tend to be jumping from a condo, poison, or hanging yourself with a plastic bag around your head, but few people ever comment on the most popular technique ie drinking yourself to the grave, since the process takes too long to be considered suicide. Still you do hear friends saying about the decreased, “He drank himself to death.”

While drinking yourself to death might not be pretty, it’s certainly not as ugly as hitting the pavement from a 7th floor balcony plus you’re in good company.

Oliver Reed for one and the church can’t ban you from a churchyard burial at which your friends will say, “At leat he went doing what he did best.”

So for those desperate souls seeking solace in a final solution.

Get yourself a beer.

Maybe twelve.

A bottle of vodka and one of gin too.

At worst the near-death experience will scare you back from the edge as long as you don’t get on a motorcycle during this binge, then you’ll have people saying, “What was he thinking trying to dirve in that condition?”

And we can’t have people speaking of the dead like that.

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