Another Day Another Massacre

After the defeat of the Arab forces in 1948, almost a million Palestinian Arabs fled their houses, villages, and cities in fear of the conquering Israelis. This exodus was a trail of tears. The Palestinians called the tragedy Nakba.

The victors showed no mercy during the ethnic cleansing of the region.

The refugees never were allowed to go home.

This week tens of thousands of protestors gathered in Gaza to protest the injustice.

The IDF or Israeli Defense Force responded by shooting live rounds into the crowds.

Hundreds have been killed by the IDF hiding behind dirt berms.

Safe from harm.

They shoot men.

They shoot women.

They shoot the press.

And they kill children.

like the Nazis of Babi Yar.

Meanwhile the Trump regime celebrates the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.


Versus a boy throwing a stone.


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