Reefer IQ

While searching for US arrests for marijuana I discovered this test from FRONTLINE.

I got all the answers right.

My IQ for weed is very most excellent.

1. Under which president have more people been arrested for marijuana crimes?
a) Ronald Reagan
b) George Bush
c) Bill Clinton
2) What’s the breakdown for marijuana arrests — for dealing or for possessing pot?

a. 90% for dealing, 10% for possession
b. 60% for dealing, 40% for possession
c. 30% for dealing, 70% for possession
d. 15% for dealing, 85% for possession
3) How much money was spent battling drugs in 1997?

a. $800 million
b. $8 billion
c. $60 billion
d. $15 billion
4) What percentage of people in federal prisons are serving time for cannabis crimes?

a. 70%
b. 45%
c. 25%
d. 10%
5) What percent of federal marijuana crimes involved a weapon?

a. 92%
b. 50%
c. 23%
d. 8%
6) Growing 101 marijuana janga plants will get you a longer sentence than which other Federal crimes?
a. manslaughter
b. assault
c. kidnapping
7. How many states have a life sentence for marijuana crimes?

a. none
b. two
c. thirteen
d. forty-one
8) How many people smoke pot every day in America?

a. roughly three million
b. approximately eleven million
c. about one million
9) Marijuana is growing stronger as agricultural science advances. How many joints would you have had to smoke in 1974 to equal one joint today?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
e. 5
10. How much does an average pound of marijuana cost?

a. $100
b. $350
c. $800
d. $8000

There are the answers mostly from 1996, which means thing are more fucked up than ever.

1. c. Bill Clinton. Nearly 642,000 people were arrested for marijuana related crimes in 1996 (This represents an 80% increase since 1990.)
2) d. 85% were arrested in 1996 for possession; 15% were arrested for selling.
3) d. It’s estimated that some $15.1 billion was spent in 1997 on the drug war (out of a total federal budget in ’97 of $1.6 trillion.)
4) c. Between Oct 1995 and Oct 1996, marijuana offenses represented nearly 25% of all federal sentences.
5) d. 8% of federal marijuana cases involved a weapon (statistics are from Oct 1995-Oct 1996).
6) b. 101 plants will can get you a 5-year mandatory federal sentence. No parole. You would be in prison longer than if you were convicted of assault.
crime sentence in months
murder 296 months
kidnapping 180 months
marijuana (10 year min)* 120 months
sexual abuse 67 months
marijuana (5 year min)** 60 months
avg: marijuana sentence 42 months
assault 34 months
manslaughter 27 months
fraud 13 months
*10 year mandatory minimum for marijuana (growing more than 1000 plants = 120 months
** 5 year mandatory minimum for marijuana (growing more than 100 plants = 60 months)
7. c. In at least thirteen states you can get a life sentence for marijuana.
8) a. A 1992 study by the National Institute for Drug Abuse found that roughly 3 million Americans smoked pot everyday; another 2 million smoked once a month; and some 12 million smoked pot once a year.
9) d. According to a 1997 U.S. Dept. of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration report, you have to smoke four joints to equal just one grown today.
10. c. The average price of a pound of marijuana was $800, in 1996. Depending on quality, however, a pound could range from $350 for homegrown to $8,000 for high grade sensimilia.

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