Monthly Archives: March 2018

RED TATE – BAD POETRY by Peter Nolan Smith

Red Tate lies on the pavement Helpless flat on his back If his mother saw this sight Tears would fill her eyes Red Tate drinks Ripple. Sometimes Thunderbird Red wine dulls his nerves. A bum A tramp. His mother’s second son. 1978


THE UNFAITHFUL HOUSEWIFE By Fredico Garcia Lorca For Mary Peace Then I led her to the river certain she was still a virgin though she had a husband. The fourth Friday in July, as good as on a promise. The street lights were vanishing and the crickets flaring up. Last bend out of town I […]

GAY BOY by Peter Nolan Smith ON SALE

GAYBOY is a semi-fictional novella of my experiences with gay friends and family. The central character is my baby brother Michael Charles Smith, a gay radio personage in Boston. He like so many of others succumbed to AIDS and GAYBOY is an attempt to reincarnate my younger brother and the good times that exist in […]

SQUARES by Peter Nolan Smith

Who here has shot at someone? Who here has been in jail? Who here has been beaten by the police? Who here has cried after a mother’s death? A father’s death? A friend’s death? The birth of a child? Who here listens? Who here sees? Who here speaks? Who here feels? None of all this […]

March For Never Again

Yesterday hundreds of thousands marched in cities across the USA and world to call for an end to the senseless mass killings. The demonstrations were organized by survivors of the Parkland School shooting. The 19 year-old killer had attended Stoneman Douglas High School and the police had been alerted to his erratic behavior throughout 2016 […]