Monthly Archives: February 2018

The Warmth Of Winter

Last Wednesday the weather in New York was a record sunny 76F. Today is a rainy 40 degrees. Comm Ave in Boston isn’t much better. It’s even colder. 36F. Portland Maine is offering a classic slushy snow freezing temperatures. Of course winter really winter until you reach the end of Route 1 in Fort Kent, […]

The Madness Of Guns

Last week in Parkland, Florida a young gunman entered his old school and pulled out legally purchased AR-15. Victor Cruz emptied magazine after magazine at students and teachers, killing seventeen and wounding fourteen. An armed policeman waited four minutes before venturing into the school. The killer blended into the fleeing teenagers and escaped to a […]

I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter

Butter was supplanted by margarine in the 1960s. Ads extolled its taste and the supermarkets priced the corn-based spread cheaper than butter. I refused to eat the shit. My mother and father wouldn’t buy butter, so I used the money from my paper route to buy butter. I wouldn’t give any to my sisters or […]

Me Too # Not Far Enough

last tango in paris, maria schneider. the rape of the sabine women, me too #

President’s Golf Day

Mr. Trump’s Presidents Day began with a round of golf at Trump International Golf Club (9:09 AM – 1:42 PM) # 45 claims to have shot a 68 and a 2 shot handicap. A friend of mine played with the pseudo-billionaire and said, “It’s easy to shot good if you do shot-overs or mulligans.” His […]