Thai Love Potion Comeback

Most foreigners have little knowledge of Thai magic. Fewer have experienced its influence, however their ignorance doesn’t diminish the power that incantations and spells hold over the Thais. Forget the 7/11s, the Benzes, the DVD players, the Thai’s greatest fascination is with magic, because while money might be an turn-on for most women and beauty alluring for men, most men don’t have money and most women are not beautiful. Faced with rejection, Thais resort to nam man prai or corpse oil to ensnare are enthralled their neglectful nah laks or darlings. The magic of nam man prai has never been proven, however lovesick losers swear by its power to seduce to unseductible better than a roofie, but it doesn’t come cheap.

One woman shelled out 20,000 baht for the love potion, which normally cost 5000-10000 baht. Guess she asked to be super-sized.

The medicine, a small bottle of Spanish Fly never arrived at her address and she has sued the ‘master of love’ to return her funds. Maybe he was having a hard time obtaining the potion, since its source requires singeing the chin of a dead pregnant woman who died in an accident.

Should have been plenty of those in the aftermath of Songkran.

Nam man prai is very popular with teenagers who claim that the oil works within 7-10 days, satisfaction guaranteed. The Thai health minister is looking into allegations that magicians are actually selling nothing more than palm oil to the unsuspecting youths and these naifs should take care, for a phi prai is usually an evil spirit, for her death during childbirth creates a fearful ghost, especially if the child dies as well.

The dead spirits prey on young men for love and turn into beautiful women, luring the young men into a fatal embrace. Only a mah mod or witch can protect the young man stricken with the love of a phi prai and most of the time it’s too late.

You can’t fool with Mother Nature and it’s even worse to mess around with the supernatural, so you love-lost folks stick to porn-surfing.

It’s safer.

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