Abe And Marilyn and Blackula

Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclaimation in 1863, freeing slaves throughout the South, however thei liberation awaited the arrival on the Union Army at which point they sang, “Free at last, hallelujah.”

The unchained darkies’ paradise lasted a few years, as the South instituted Jim Crow laws aimed at their subjugation to sharecropper lands. The police and mobs below the Mason-Dixon Line punished any loose-tongued niggers with the noose. Lynchings occurred with frightening regularity and Africans fled the South throughout the 20th Century in hopes of better days, only to have Northern factory owners conspire to break the spirit of blacks by underpaying their worth and the 1919 Tulsa Massacre taught spades that no place safe existed for a black man, woman, or child in White America.

I taught high school in South Boston during the Bussing battles of the 1970s.

A Massachusetts state judge ordered the Boston School Committee to rectify the racial imbalances within the city without including the lily-white suburbs. Poor Irish teenagers were transported to the poorer neighborhoods of Roxbury and vice versa.

Divide and conquer amongst the old slaves, for the Irish had also been transported to the Americas in chains slave as well as the Africans of the West Coast.

And nowadays the battle lines are drawn by color.

Black and their first place minority status are threatened by the rising number of Latinos and Chinese flocking to the fifty states to once more prove that a nigger has to know his place and that is why Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson.

His crime.

He mouthed off to a white cop.

Treyvon was murdered, because he was a black boy in a hoodie.

Akai Gurley had it coming, because he was black.

Tamir Rice was shot dead by cops.

At least one a day in these United States.

And white people say these killings are not racist.

No, they are almost right. Cops kill people, because they are poor and dead men can’t tell their side of the story.

Whites prefer the nice lies by the people they have entrusted to protect them from the blacks.

Murder is just another price to pay for sleeping safe and sound at night.


In your sleep.

Blackula will come to get you, whitey.

Me too, but I’m eating tons of garlic just in case.

He looks more like Abe Lincoln than Marilyn Monroe and there is nothing I want more than Marilynula sucking my blood in bed, because I’m a sucked for a stone-cold dead blonde.

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