The Goodness Of Ganga

Ganga is legal in eight states and twenty states have allowed its use for medical purposes. Last year more money was spent on reefer than liquor in Aspen, Colorado. According to the Aspen Times legal distributors of cannabis in Aspen earned $11.3 million in revenue in 2017 compared with $10.5 million for liquor stores. Crime is down as are drunk driving arrests. The herb is a good thing, although that does keep buzzkills from judging our happiness as an commenter wrote, “We are a intoxicant obsessed species. If your life is so bad that you have to intoxicate yourself on some type of substance to enjoy it. you are pathetic.”

This losers can accept defeat and even worse the US AG wants to pursue a hardline against the Weed, calling for stricter enforcement against the happier people. Of course his edict has nothing to do with the fact that Jeffery Sessions has invested millions in for-profit prisons.

Less arrests.

Less profit.

This 4/20 lets show them our numbers.

Free the Weed. Disband the DEA and free the POWs.

Victory is at hand.

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