2017 January

I spend the first day of the year with the Camp family in Duchess County.

It was cold, but not that cold.

There wasn’t much snow.

The light made us all young.

Even me.

A snow storm came and the Christmas tree went out on the street in New York.

It snowed more in Fort Greene.

I visited the Intrepid.

MIG 21s were on the flight deck.

They were very sexy a la Russki.

My wife loved me.

I was working on a house in Greenwich.

Money helps us.

My son Wey Wey was a good boy in school.

My friend Deb wanted to sell a Keith haring.

She lived north.

In Albany.

State Plaza glowered in the storm.

Pool was shut for the season.

With good reason.

Winter was serious this far north.

I left with the Haring.

Deb never said how much she wanted.

I said I could get her $120,000.

Not enough to solve her problems.

Or mine.

It was a mean bus ride back to New York.


No one touched the Haring.

I went to the Jan Frank show.

His paintings sold for than Keith’s drawing.

He’s a star.

More snow.

I attended Victoria Selbach’s show.

I loved her work.

Her husband and I had been friend since the 70s.

She was more beautiful than ever and her paintings showed a vision of nudity.

She loved life.

And her husband.


I end up being no one.

I’m happy with that role.

No one poked the eye out of the Cyclops in THE ODYSSEY.

Watchic Pond in Maine was frozen.

I expect nothing less.

It was winter everywhere in the North.

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