Untying The Knot Of Thai Wires

Last year Microsoft’s Bill Gates visited Thailand and upon seeing the tangles of wires hanging over the streets complained about the masses stealing electricity from the power companies. The Harvard drop-out is considered to be one of the richest men in the world and in his youth spent hours developing new phones and computers, so he should have recognized that most of these wires were for the internet and phone service.

Instead he posted the following:

Due to faulty infrastructure, many urban areas suffer from frequent blackouts and power cuts, and the electrical grid often doesn’t serve the people who need it most.

I’ve visited many cities filled with tangled wires such as those in this photo from Thailand, where people have illegally tapped into the grid on their own to get the power they need—at great personal risk.

I lived for years in Thailand and the only person I witnessed cutting into the electrical wires was my stupid farang neighbor, who would have been electrocuted, if a Thai hadn’t pushed him off the wire with a ten-foot pole.

Of course the Thai government announced plans to bury the wires.


ครั้น ครั้น or Mai kraan or didn’t happen.

Same as Trump’s Great Wall of Mexico.

All talk.

With one finger typing by # 45.

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