A Messenger From Afar Visting First

Hawaiian astronomers spotted a cigar-shaped asteroid traversing the solar system at 87,000 mph. The star gazers at the Pan-STARRS1 observatory determined that the 1400 foot long object’s origins were from an unknown star system and named it ‘Oumuamua’ or a ‘a messenger from afar arriving first’. Astronomers added that they had never seen this shape before, which surprised me, since the first STAR TREK series featured just such an asteroid in the THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE episode.

Commander Decker was the first to encounter the weapon of destruction. His ship as destroyed by the inter-galactic intruder. To prevent the device from reaching Earth Decker steers his damaged ship into the maw of the death machine, thereby saving the Federation from doom.

Mission accomplished.

Which is good , because Earth has no spaceships.

Not one.

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