White Trash Fairy Tale

Traditionally there are only three ways to get rich; birth, marriage, or theft.

Anne Nichole Smith, Texas sex bomb, stepped off the runway of a strip club into popular culture by wedding an admiring oil tycoon. Their sixty-three year age difference evoked cries of gold-digger from the billionaire’s family. That accusation might have been true, but the old man certainly looked happy in all the photos of them together and upon his death his lawyers announced that Anne Nicole Smith had been bequeathed a third of his fortune.

This rags to riches fairy tale was denied a happy ending by her in-laws. They contested the last testament with the traditional viciousness of white rich people. $300 million was a fortune to give a buxom blonde high-school dropout. I was pulling for the blonde heiress, but each week her name tarnished in the tabloids by another scandal. The in-laws were playing for ‘winner takes all’.

Nothing those scandal sheets liked better than to see someone from the lower class fall back to white trash earth.

First her son died of a drug overdose and then Anna Nicole Smith herself was found dead of a drug overdose administered by her ‘doctor’. All the drugs were legal. She left a daughter and the US Federal Court has decreed that the deceased starlet’s young girl will never see any of the money left to her by the tycoon, proving once more that the rich stay rich and the poor get dead.

Her daughter should be happy to be alive.

The only question is for how long.

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