RV Cemetery

Okeechobee is a prisoner to the US Army Corp of Engineers and the expanse of water is encircled by a 40-foot dike. The lake is never visible from the road. To see the inland sea you have to climb the earthen works.

Nature harnessed for the business and pleasure of Man.

Despite this barrier Okeechobee attracts RV tourists from around America, although judging from the number of rusting RVs and dilapidated house trailers in the RV parks, this town on US 441 and 98 is the final resting place for these houses on wheels.

“They come in all gleaming.”

The lady bartender at the Gator Hole had seen hundreds of RVs pull into the campsites. “The people think this ain’t so bad. fishing, boating, cheap beer. They die. The RVs are possessed by the RV camps. No one wants them. They rust into the ground.”

Remember man dust to rust for RVs and all things metal except in outer space.

RIP for all them RVs

2008 Peter Nolan Smith

I saw on in a parking lot for $9000.

I wish I could have transported it to Thailand.

Instant house for 270,000 baht.

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