Crime and Punishment in Pattaya

Several years ago a 61 year-old farang stabbed his girlfriend three times. She was in her twenties. The hospital staff declared the unfortunate lover DOA at the hospital. The idiot in a fit of remorse slashed himself with the murder weapon. This sad story occurs regularly in Pattaya but also everywhere else in the world.

Hollywood thrives on slasher films.

HALLOWEEN 1,2, 3, 4 ad nauseum.

Men are as likely to be victims as women.

What the heck is wrong with people?

When someone stops loving you, a magic spell won’t bring back the love and certainly a knife ain’t gonna do it either.

So now this lovesick idiot is facing Thai Justice.

Prison time, death, or pardon?

Everyone seems to be calling for his dispatch from this mortal world, but you have to remember the old axiom.

Kill one person, you get the chair.

Kill twenty and you go to insane asylum.

Murder a million and you get a Swiss Chalet.

This farang won’t get door # 3, but neither will be have to settle for door # 1.

Since it was a crime of passion he probably won’t sit before the firing squad, which in Thailand is a single marksman. Instead he will be in jail for the rest of his life and life expectancy shortens mighty quickly in prison.

Personally I’m in favor of special justice in this case.

Young girl with her life ahead of her

Only one course of action

If the Thai police could do it to 2000 ‘drug dealers’ why not put a heart-broken farang out of his misery?

Thumb up or down?

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